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Living Here

Stratford’s central location, relaxed lifestyle, connection to the outdoors, and the amazing Mount Taranaki are just a few of the reasons why Stratford is the perfect place to live and thrive.

The small Stratford town is located centrally in the Taranaki region, meaning everywhere you need to go is generally only a half-hour drive away, including the city of New Plymouth, shopping centres and world class beaches. The quick commute gives locals access to anywhere with little traffic, including trips to work, schools, and popular tourist destinations.

A relaxed lifestyle is easy to obtain in Stratford. There’s access to affordable housing, the opportunity to be apart of a friendly community, and there’s plenty of space for young families to grow. Stratford has access to excellent schools, skate parks, playgrounds, theaters, swimming pools, museums, train rides, and the iconic Mount Taranaki. Plus, new community members are warmly welcomed by the locals and are always made to feel at home. The people of Stratford have an enormous amount of pride in their community and know that their way of living is something special.

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Make Stratford Your Base

Taranaki is a region like no other and Stratford is at it heart. As a gateway town we are conveniently positioned to maximum your options with our region. Whether your working in New Plymouth or Hawera, Stratford is only a 30 minute drive to work and no traffic jams! With Mount Taranaki and The Forgotten World at our doorsteps we have a number of adventurous activities for you and your families to enjoy:

  • Mount Taranaki and Egmont National Park (15mins)
  • Whangmomona and Eastern Taranaki (30mins)
  • Purangi Kiwi Project (30mins)
  • Taranaki Pioneer Village (5 mins)
  • Tawhiti Museum (25 mins)

Dairy Industry

In Stratford’s early settling days our dairy industry was practiced on a small and primitive scale. The district’s first farmers kept only a handful of cows, exchanging their butter for goods from the general store.

Discover our Dairy Industry