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“My name is Kane Baeyertz, Taranaki bred and operating from the heart of Taranaki……. Stratford.  I have worked in the Transport and Agricultural industry’s for over 15 years as a Sales representative, Parts person and Engineer.  I know the Taranaki region like the back of my hand.  I have lived here all my life and will always call Taranaki my home.

With this recipe of experience I have begun to build a local business that I envision to provide a service across all sectors including Logging, Agriculture, Commercial and Automotive which has never been seen before. The largest problem these industries face is usable time, having to work around the weather as well as the fact of been rural and occasionally unable to make a quick trip to town for supplies. They also face the issue of the length of time any urgent parts can take to arrive via rural delivery. These problems and conditions create high consumer demand putting strain on our hard working Men and Woman in these industries and in order to keep up with consumer demand they are forced to work huge hours throughout day and night, so when a problem arises out in the field they must find a way to overcome all these issues in a timely manor although the odds are against them, this is where Agrituff has come up with a solution.

We provide a Sales and Service like never seen before having a Mobile Hydraulic hose repair workshop, Sales in Engineering parts and equipment, Agricultural Tyres & Rims, Agricultural and Utility trailer axles and parts, as well as Oils and workshop consumables we have the ability to provide the hard working businesses of these industries a 24/7 service that will assist in making sure they are able to carry out their job in a timely manor”.

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